Our website provides an online catelogue of products we have available. Simply select the products you are interested in and place them in the basket, check out, add your contact information, and we will send you a reply with a quote on the products.

Typically within 3 working days we will respond to your request.

For most of our products, we work on CFR pricing, so in your request, do advise on the port of entry you wish to receive the goods in.

Yes, having build up networks of manufacturers, growers, packers etc… over the years, we would be able to assist in seeking the product that you need in one way or another.

If you are looking for a particular product, do drop us a note and we will respond as best we can.

Our commodities come from all across the world, but we have good supply from Australia, USA, Southeast Asia.

For consumer goods, it comes from many countries, but mostly from USA, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia.

We look for long term partnerships with our distributors and wholesalers, so we appreciate commitment, respect and collaboration in all our partnerships. 

As our products and locations vary, do drop us a note if you are keen to be part of our networks and we will get in touch with you.

We support causes that promote Food Security and Good Nutrition, Education, and Community Building. Giving doesn't have to be confined to just money alone but with creativity we can give meaningfully and effectively. In the past we have worked best with other organizations (private or non-profit) when our values and goals are aligned, if you are keen to explore a project or partnership, do reach out to us.