Our Contributions

Joint project between SJ Low and Damson Capital
Date: Dec 2018 As part of a joint project between SJ Low and Damson Capital, both companies worked together to help Dignity Kitchen reduce their food waste, provide jobs for their staff, and increase their revenue. Dignity K.. Read More
NVPC's Company of Good
The National Volunteer and Philantropy Centre (NVPC) launched a program for company’s to learn to give better, known as the Company of Good Fellowship program, in May 2017.  The program lasted about 5 months, to.. Read More
Lakeside Family Services
In 2016, we participated in Lakeside Family Services annual Christmas party organized for their beneficiaries. Children in primary school from around the neighborhood coming together to enjoy a Christmas pagaent performed by their.. Read More
Causes we stand for
Being in the food business grown in Singapore over the many decades, we support causes that promote Food Security and Good Nutrition, Education, and Community Building. Food Security and Good Nutrition – Food is.. Read More
Company Beliefs
We believe that a company should have the obligation to be a positive impact to its Employees, the Community, and Country. From humble beginnings, SJ Low always remembered his roots and lived out this philosophy  in the ru.. Read More