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J.Crackleton is a snack sensation that’s been years in the making. In 2015, the founder Jay (AKA The Prince of Pork) set out to create the world’s tastiest pork crackle. He wanted to invent a mind-blowing snack that would satisfy crunchy cravings. Looking for something different, he wanted to make it from real food, too – not like other snacks with ingredients that sound like a science experience.

At J.Crackleton, 100% Aussie pork rind used with most of the excess fat removed, to create a mouth-watering snacks. Every bite-sized piece is slowly hand-cooked, seasoned with delicious flavours, and sealed fresh for you to enjoy. By using more rind and less fat, they produce perfect crackle that’s crunchy enough to make some noise but light enough to melt in your mouth.

Pork Crackle Original

Pork Crackle Maple Bacon

Pork Crackle Paprika

Pork Crackle Apple Cider & Vinegar

Pork Crackle Cinnamon & Apple

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